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Basa Magogo ‘Light it up Grandmother!’

The Basa Magogo efficient cooking project based in South Africa is a great example of how innovation and a change in behaviour can help to significantly reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and improve livelihoods.

Basa Magogo – which means ‘light it up Grandmother’ in Zulu – was named after a Granny called Nebelungu Mashinini, who, with the help of the Nova Institute, perfected a method of constructing a fire, by placing the coal at the bottom of the stove and adding firewood on top. This new method significantly improves the cooking efficiency, reduces the amount of coal consumed and the smoke produced.

The benefits of such a behavioural change don’t stop there; this project also helps to improve health and living conditions, provides significant savings for families and reduces 40,000 CO2 emissions per year.

FairClimateFund BV partnered with the NOVA Institute in 2010 by providing up-front financing for the implementation of this activity. Finance from the sale of carbon credits is used to implement and operate this project.

To find out more about this innovative and inspiring project, please contact FairClimateFund

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